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For all your general auto repair needs, bring your car down to ZahnTech Automotive Service in Redmond, WA. All of our technicians are certified and combined for a centuries worth of experience under the hood. Whether you’re looking for just a basic oil change and tune up to an overhaul on your transmission or anything in between, let ZahnTech Automotive Service be a one stop shop for all your general auto repair needs.

Up here in Washington and the Pacific Northwest we experience all four seasons, and while some last longer than others, it’s important to know what kind of wear and tear such weather can put on your car. We are are a full service garage and want to make sure you aren’t slowed down by the weather rain or shine and make sure we get you back on the roads as soon as possible.

Located in the heart of Redmond, ZahnTech Automotive Service has been serving the community for years and continues to take pride in being one of the area’s best and most reliable shops around. Whether you are trying to keep up with factory scheduled maintenance and don’t want the hassle of dealing with the people over at dealership trying to upsell into a newer car or you hear a squeaking noise when applying the brakes, bring your car down to our shop and we’ll have the problem identified quickly and get right to taking care of it. Call us and make an appointment today!